What are Short Chain Fatty Acids?

There are basically three main types of SCFA. They are Acetates, Propionates, and Butyrates. Of the three types, the acetates and propionates are beneficial, but they tend to transfer through the...

Is Sunfiber Safe?

As per the GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) determination, Sunfiber is safe for addition to conventional foods and supplements at a level limited only by cGMP.

Is Sunfiber a Natural Product?

Sunfiber is a natural product that is minimally processed to obtain a finished product with the desired properties. Sunfiber starts with a natural material, which is grown in fields that are not...

Can Sunfiber Be Used in Cooking?

Yes. Sunfiber can be added to recipes for baked goods as well as savory foods without affecting their taste, aroma or consistency. It is also an excellent smoothie ingredient.

Where Can I Buy Sunfiber?

Sunfiber can be purchased at major health and natural products retailers including Tomorrow’s Nutrition, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and Life Extension.