National TV show removes confusion about fiber and other supplements

August 25,2014


Viewers across the country learned how to take the guesswork out of taking fiber and other supplements for their health, when Better TV welcomed guest Dr. Felicia Stoler, author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes. Stoler included truly regulating Sunfiber among her smart, safe, natural options. Sunfiber was included due to its effectiveness and its ease of use compared to other fiber supplement options.

With growing concerns about over-the-counter drugs, more people are turning to natural supplements. However Stoler cautioned that, “Natural does not mean safe. You have to be a savvy, smart consumer.”

Stoler says there is no one nutritional supplement that will do it all. “As I’ve gotten older, I have so many needs,” she said. In fact, according to John Hopkins, nutrition experts stress the importance of getting enough dietary fiber, which for men over 50 is 30 grams daily and for women over 50 is 21 grams. An article posted on the John Hopkins Medicine website said, “Americans eat only about 15 g of fiber daily, so for people who are unable or unwilling to eat more fiber-rich foods, supplements are an easy way to fill the gap”. Stoler said she really loves fiber supplements, and that Sunfiber is her preferred fiber supplement choice.

“I love this,” said Stoler of Sunfiber, in part because it has no flavor added. Sunfiber easily mixes into water or other liquids. You won’t have to deal with the gritty, chalky, clumpy goop of some fiber supplements. That means you can bake with it, add it to fruit juice, milk, tea and yogurt or even to your morning coffee. “You can’t taste it,” she said, adding that it also helps to keep you regular and to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. And, Sunfiber is unique because it will not cause uncomfortable gas or bloating. One scoop of Sunfiber delivers six grams of soluble fiber.

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