Provides Solid Regularity*

Most fibers help alleviate constipation, but do little to address diarrhea and can lead to loose stools. Sunfiber® alleviates occasional constipation and diarrhea by helping food move through the gut at the right pace; improving stool consistency and regularity of bowel movements.* Sunfiber® accomplishes this without causing excess gas or bloating that can be felt after consumption of some fibers.*

Prebiotic Fibers Promote Intestinal Health*

Sunfiber® is a proven prebiotic fiber that increases both Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus levels.* These good bacteria promote a healthy gut microbiota.* Fermentation of Sunfiber® by the gut microbiome results in production of short-chain fatty acids such as butyrate, which provide energy for the digestive tract.

Reduces the Glycemic Index*

Sunfiber® is a secret weapon for anybody aiming to help control their blood glucose levels.* Regardless of whether Sunfiber® is embedded in the food or ingested with water during a meal, it assists the body to reduce post meal blood sugar spikes by decreasing the glycemic index of foods.*

Helps Reduce Hunger*

Consuming Sunfiber® helps people feel less hungry and fuller after eating.* A research study also showed volunteers decreased their calorie intake at their next meal.* Appetite control is one part of a successful weight management program.


Superior Nutrient Absorption*

Some dietary fibers can limit the absorption of macronutrients or essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium into the body. Sunfiber® does not inhibit the absorption of macronutrients and helps support the absorption of such minerals.*

Remarkable Physical and Chemical Properties

Sunfiber® is among the most adaptable of all dietary fibers. It is highly soluble in water, colorless, odorless, tasteless, and gluten free. It also features a very low viscosity, remains stable at low pH levels and is extremely resistant to high temperatures. It’s appearance is a fine white powder, and in solution is transparent. These factors make Sunfiber a superb choice for a wide range of applications, including fruit juices, powdered drinks, carbonated and noncarbonated beverages including coffee, milk and tea; as well as yogurts, creams, cereals and bakery products.

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