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Sunfiber® promotes a healthy digestive balance without the excess gas or bloating associated with other fibers.*

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Low FODMAP** and Gluten Free

Sunfiber’s unique soluble fiber is gentle on your system. It supports your digestive health without the excess gas, bloating and loose stools associated with high FODMAP foods and ingredients.*

Tasteless, Odorless and Clear-mixing

Sunfiber® dissolves crystal clear in water. You can add it to most foods and beverages without changing their taste, aroma or texture.

Supports weight management*

Sunfiber® soluble fiber helps food move through your digestive tract at a comfortable pace, helping you feel less hungry.*

Reduces the Glycemic Index*

Sunfiber® reduces the glycemic index of foods, which helps decrease the post-meal glucose spike.*

Meets the FDA definition of dietary fiber

Sunfiber® delivers clinically substantiated health benefits and qualifies as a DIETARY FIBER under the FDA’s new, stringent definition.

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Supports regularity*

This clinically proven soluble fiber helps food move through the gut at just the right pace, improving both occasional constipation and occasional diarrhea.*

Feeds beneficial gut bacteria*

As a prebiotic fiber, Sunfiber® promotes a healthy gut flora which supports digestive health and overall wellness.*

See what makes Sunfiber® the invisible fiber with visible benefits.

Look before you flush

Your poop is a window into your health. This guide illustrates the seven common poop shapes. Know what’s normal, what’s not and how Sunfiber® may help you

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