Uniquely Beneficial

Sunfiber is an all natural, galactomannan based soluble fiber made from hydrolyzed guar gum. It can significantly boost the health benefits of foods, beverages and supplements by improving functionality. Tasteless, colorless and odorless, Sunfiber has no visible effect on your product.

Truly Regulating

Sunfiber is a prebiotic fiber that helps feed beneficial probiotics, including Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus. This true regulating fiber not only helps with occasional constipation, but uniquely aids diarrhea as well, without the excess gas or bloating of other fibers.

Exceptional Stability

Sunfiber delivers high soluble fiber content with low caloric contribution (1.9 kcal/gram) and exhibits excellent stability with respect to pH and heat. Sunfiber is 100% gluten free, GRAS (self affirmation), non GMO, certified Kosher and HALAL.

Sunfiber R> 85% soluble fiber – regular gradeRegular grade for use in foods, beverages and supplements.
Sunfiber AG> 85% soluble fiber – agglomeratedAgglomerated for powder applications, offering instant solubility

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Food Pamphlet
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GRAS Affirmation
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Health Canada
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Kosher Certification
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Halal Certification
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Unprecedented Clinical Research

Sunfiber is one of the most clinically researched and substantiated fibers in the world! Sunfiber was awarded a Grade A and Level 1 Evidence Recommendation (Clinical Nutrition Supplements).

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Sunfiber Boosts Brands

Currently in many national products, some of the biggest brands trust Sunfiber to meet their high standards of quality.

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