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Common Poop Shapes Guide

June 17, 2016

What’s in your toilet bowl? There are seven common poop shapes. Some indicate superb digestive health; others, not so much.

This friendly stool chart and guide gives you the 411 on your number two. It includes the 7 main shapes of your stool, and teaches you what each shape suggests about your diet and health.

Print it and keep it stashed in your bathroom cabinet to always remember the ideal stool shapes and stay on top of your health.


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Stool Questions and Answers

How often should I be pooping?

People are often confused about regularity. Follow the 3-3 rule: You should go no more than three times a day, and no less than once every three days. Ideally, you should poop something like type 3 or 4 on the chart, daily.

Should poop sink or float?

If your stool floats too much, that’s an indication of poor nutrient absorption. If it sinks too quickly, it’s a sign you may not be eating enough fiber. It should do a steady submarine dive into the toilet bowl, without a lot of splashes or noise.

How much time should I spend on the toilet?

You should be in, out and on your way. No time to surf the Internet. Tweet later. If you want a hard number, it’s actually a 3-3-3 rule: no more than three minutes.

What if I don’t want to look in the toilet bowl?

Everyone poops, so go ahead and look. It’s important and provides a clear indication of your health. But there is another way. You should only need to wipe once or twice for a clean finish.


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