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Top nutritionist gives Fox news viewers a fiber-rich smoothie recipe

Get ready for swimsuit season by swapping out your breakfast bagel with a fiber-rich smoothie. Popular nutritionist, fitness expert and health author Lisa Lynn advised Baltimore’s Fox 45 Morning News viewers that making their own nutritious smoothie may help them lose weight. Store-bought smoothies are often loaded with sugar. Lynn suggests blending your own and […]


Pharmacist offers CTV viewers a medicine cabinet tip: soluble fiber

Keeping a perfectly stocked medicine cabinet is much easier when you have the advice of holistic pharmacist and health author, Sherry Torkos. Appearing on Winnipeg’s CTV News, the author of The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine said a lot of Canadians suffer with digestive problems. She suggests keeping Sunfiber on hand. This soluble fiber helps […]


Health magazines list health benefits of fiber (some may surprise you)

We all know that fiber is helpful for maintaining regularity, but it can have a surprisingly good effect on heart health, too. Pharmacist and health author Sherry Torkos’ article in Alternative Medicine explained why fiber, such as in the supplement Sunfiber, is important for your heart and waistline. In addition to supporting intestinal health, fiber […]

Michigan State advises adding fiber

Michigan State advises adding fiber to your diet. It’s easy, according to Ashley Parrish of Michigan State University Extenson. Parrish recommends many ways to increase fiber in your diet: Leave the skin on whole fruits and vegetables Choose brown rice, whole wheat bread and pastas over white bread and rice Choose foods with “whole grain” listed […]


Important new information if you suffer from IBS

About 35 million North Americans suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). If you suffer from the C or D form of IBS (occasional diarrhea or constipation), here’s a video with new information involving Sunfiber. “This issue is largely about transit time,” explains Dr. Bryce Wylde, Alternative Health Expert and Medical Advisor on The Dr. Oz […]

Sunfiber and Suntheanine

Pharmacist’s brainy advice includes Sunfiber and Suntheanine

If you want your children to do better in school this year, holistic pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos suggests that you evaluate their diet and lifestyle. Kids’ ability to remember and concentrate in the classroom, as well as their behavior, can be influenced by how they eat, what they eat, how well they sleep at […]

Fats, fiber and fitness

Fats, fiber and fitness: Three tips for staying out of the doctor’s office

What would you do right this minute, if you knew it might keep you from needing to see a doctor tomorrow? There are hundreds of simple ways to help protect our health. These include everything from hand washing to good dental hygiene. Here are three of our favorite wellness tips involving fats, fiber and fitness. […]

Sunfiber giveaway

National Examiner conducts Sunfiber giveaway

Just in time for back-to-school season, five very lucky National Examiner readers and their families will win a free container of Sunfiber. The Sunfiber giveaway is great timing because changes in kids’ routines can cause occasional irregularity. Sunfiber can help with their occasional diarrhea and constipation without them getting that uncomfortable (and embarrassing) gas and […]

energy crashes

Four ways to boost your energy and beat the afternoon energy crashes

It is 2 p.m. and as usual, your eyes feel heavy and you’re having trouble concentrating. Before you give in to that vending machine candy bar or make a fresh pot of coffee, try to beat the afternoon energy crashes with more natural approaches. 1. Sit up and get up. Straighten your posture. That one […]


Overweight Atlanta viewers encouraged to use Sunfiber

Can bananas make you fat? Eating more vegetables and less fruit, and adding Sunfiber to your breakfast routine may be better way of feeling full so that you can stay on your diet. That’s just one of the weight-loss messages that fitness and nutrition expert Lisa Lynn shared during her interview on WATC Atlanta’s Friends […]

dietary supplements

Be smart about taking dietary supplements

There are right and wrong ways to take dietary supplements. For example, in her newest blog, holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos advises readers to avoid supplements with chemical additives. “With so many of us taking dietary supplements, it’s easy to start feeling complacent about their safety. Even though they are common and easily available, you should […]


National TV show removes confusion about fiber and other supplements

Viewers across the country learned how to take the guesswork out of taking fiber and other supplements for their health, when Better TV welcomed guest Dr. Felicia Stoler, author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes. Stoler included truly regulating Sunfiber among her smart, safe, natural options. Sunfiber was included due to its effectiveness and its […]


Online health article suggests fiber for kids’ summer health

Keeping kids healthy is a constant struggle, especially when summer vacation disrupts their routines. Luckily, a good fiber supplement, such as Sunfiber, may make this challenge easier. Holistic pharmacist and mom Sherry Torkos had this and more advice for EmpowHER readers. “Kids and adults can get colds and flu during the summer months. Weather does […]