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November 20, 2014

About 35 million North Americans suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). If you suffer from the C or D form of IBS (occasional diarrhea or constipation), here’s a video with new information involving Sunfiber. “This issue is largely about transit time,” explains Dr. Bryce Wylde, Alternative Health Expert and Medical Advisor on The Dr. Oz Show. “That’s the time it takes for you to eat something, and for it to come out.”

Wylde offers corn as an example. “We don’t digest it. You eat it, and it’s out of you within a day or two.” What’s not new is that we should eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day: Red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple. “But if you suffer from IBS, you know that sometimes these foods will bother you,” he acknowledges.

Sometimes to get your daily amount of fiber, especially if you have been diagnosed with IBS-C, you’re reaching for fiber-rich foods. Those foods, as well as chia seeds or the psyllium husks found in some fiber supplements, slow down gastric transit time and can cause a bowel blockage. “It can get to the point where it causes the bacteria in your gut to have a heyday,” exclaims Wylde. “What ultimately happens is they release gasses that bloat and distend you.”

There’s a new fiber in town
Wylde suggests trying Sunfiber instead. “Sunfiber is a soluble form of fiber that doesn’t do any of that slowing down. In fact, it creates true regularity.” He adds that a heaping teaspoon of Sunfiber can be easily dissolved into water without creating a gloppy, goopy mess. “So it’s easy to get down.”

Wylde concludes: “If you suffer from IBS C or D form, try regulating your transit time.”

Bryce Wylde is a leading alternative health expert, compensated to provide his professional opinions.

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