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July 3, 2014

Optimizing your health starts with making sure that you get the daily required amounts of fiber. Good Day Sacramento viewers learned which foods are the best natural fiber sources, and why supplementing with Sunfiber can help fill nutritional gaps, when Rogue Nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden visited the studio.

Fiber is important for digestion and general health, but few people get the recommended daily amount. “We keep going with these crazy breads, which are not fiber heavy-weights!” Bowden exclaimed. “They have one gram [of fiber] per slice … You [have to] read the label.” Bread is often over-processed, significantly lowering its fiber content.

“Here’s where you get your real fiber from: beans,” he said, gesturing towards garbanzo (chick peas) and aduki beans. “People don’t know this [but] avocados have a lot of fiber.”

However, even the biggest guacamole lover might not be getting enough fiber, which is why supplementing with Sunfiber is a smart choice. A single scoop contains six grams of fiber, roughly 25 percent of your daily recommended dose. It also helps your body absorb important nutrients, particularly calcium and magnesium; other fiber supplements sometimes prevent the body from absorbing these minerals.

Some people may avoid fiber supplements because they’ve experienced some that turned gritty or goopy in liquids. But Sunfiber dissolves in liquids without changing the texture. “You can even get your teenagers to drink it. It has no taste!” Bowden explained. This feature makes Sunfiber a great option for families full of picky eaters. It also will not cause the uncomfortable gas or bloating associated with other types of fiber supplements.

There are plenty of ways to slip Sunfiber into meals or snacks. Bowden recommended adding it to shakes to give them an often necessary fiber boost. Sunfiber can also be baked, added to yogurt or mixed into juice.

Jonny Bowden is a nationally known expert on weight loss, nutrition and health, compensated to provide his professional opinions.

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