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Philadelphia CBS talk show to women: Get a regular guy with Sunfiber

Men need to thank the women in their lives. According to a U.S. Department of Labor report, women make 80 percent of their family’s healthcare decisions. When that decision includes choosing a fiber supplement for digestive health, Felicia Stoler, DCN, MS, RD, FACSM suggests gluten-free Sunfiber. The health author, appearing on Talk Philly, said most […]

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Health practitioners need to present clients with more fiber supplement options

Our society is plagued by constipation, irritable bowels and an unhealthy gut environment. “In my clinical opinion, it’s far more important to supplement with fiber than it is a multi-vitamin,” says Dr. Bryce Wylde, alternative health expert and medical advisor on The Dr. Oz Show. “That might shock you. But as a healthcare practitioner, I […]

Mayo Clinic explains fiber benefits

Bowel health, lower cholesterol, good weight and controlling blood sugar are all benefits of a high-fiber diet, according to The Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic explains fiber benefits on its website, offering a multimedia presentation that describes the important role dietary fiber has in promoting human health. Among the benefits of a high-fiber diet highlighted […]


FOX viewers taught that healthy cleanses include fiber

What comes to mind when you think about cleanses? If it’s a five-day supply of mail-ordered juice, you may actually be doing your body a disservice. Fitness guru and nutrition expert Lisa Lynn visited Tampa Bay’s My Fox studios for a news segment describing healthy cleanses. To cleanse successfully, Lynn suggests supplementing with Sunfiber to […]


Online health article suggests fiber for kids’ summer health

Keeping kids healthy is a constant struggle, especially when summer vacation disrupts their routines. Luckily, a good fiber supplement, such as Sunfiber, may make this challenge easier. Holistic pharmacist and mom Sherry Torkos had this and more advice for EmpowHER readers. “Kids and adults can get colds and flu during the summer months. Weather does […]

Bristol Stool Shape, Sunfiber

From occasional diarrhea to constipation, your poop’s shape matters.

Here’s why you might want to start looking before you flush: Your stool can be classified into one of seven shapes, which might be helpful to you especially if you ever need to describe your bowel irregularity to your doctor. Understanding these various classifications will also help you to verify when Sunfiber helps to normalize […]

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Risks associated with over-the-counter fibers vs. Sunfiber

Did you know that it’s possible to overdo it with an over-the-counter fiber supplement? Too much of it may lead to embarrassing – and perhaps even serious – issues. Thankfully that’s not a concern with truly regulating Sunfiber. With most over-the-counter fiber supplements, consuming too much, too fast – even if it’s the dosage recommended […]

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This NBC TV interview links Sunfiber to healthy weight loss

If you’ve decided to lose weight by making healthy choices, supplementing with Sunfiber may give you the boost you need. Orlando TV viewers learned the connection between this regulating fiber and weight loss when registered dietitian Dr. Felicia Stoler stopped by the WESH 2 News Sunrise studio. “[Fiber] helps you to feel fuller longer,” Stoler […]

Dietary Fiber Market – Global Growth Predicted

Driven by customer preferences and the needs of an aging global population, robust growth is predicted for the global dietary fiber market, according to a new study published by Research and Markets. Functional foods, beverages, dairy, and bakery and confectionary are some of the leading food product categories accounting for dietary fiber growth. Pharmaceutical use […]


Canadian TV focuses on how Sunfiber eases common pregnancy ailment

Between hormonal changes and taking iron supplements, pregnant women are especially prone to bowel irregularity. During an interview on CTV, holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos explained to Toronto viewers how to manage this. Torkos recommended Sunfiber, both for its unique ability to regulate constipation and diarrhea, and because it is a prebiotic and helps with nutrient […]


Is your fiber supplement blocking important nutrient absorption?

Did you know that the majority of dietary fibers limit your body’s ability to absorb essential minerals such as magnesium, iron and calcium, as well as certain drugs and medications? This isn’t a concern with Sunfiber, which actually promotes the absorption of iron and minerals, helping to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from […]

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Increasing your soluble fiber without the associated discomforts

There are a lot of healthful reasons to increase your soluble fiber intake, from digestive health to potentially lowering your risk of some chronic diseases. But some people still shy away from adding more high-fiber foods to their diets, or using fiber supplements, because they fear the bloating and flatulence that they may cause. The […]