Risks associated with over-the-counter fibers vs. Sunfiber

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June 16, 2014

Did you know that it’s possible to overdo it with an over-the-counter fiber supplement? Too much of it may lead to embarrassing – and perhaps even serious – issues. Thankfully that’s not a concern with truly regulating Sunfiber.

With most over-the-counter fiber supplements, consuming too much, too fast – even if it’s the dosage recommended on the label – can cause things to happen in your body that you probably wouldn’t want to talk about, even with your closest friends. We’re referring to diarrhea, gas (AKA flatulence), cramping, and yes even constipation. That’s because your body may need time to adjust to having access to all that extra fiber. Stools can become too hard or too soft.

You also need to be concerned about malabsorption, which is when over-the-counter supplements inhibit your body’s ability to absorb certain important minerals especially magnesium and calcium. And if you don’t drink enough water with an over-the-counter supplement, it might even result in an intestinal blockage.

How Sunfiber is different
SunFiber is truly regulating and safe. It normalizes stool to a healthy consistency, alleviating occasional constipation without the annoying side effect of diarrhea. No worries about cramping or embarrassing gas either!

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And especially if you’re concerned about your bone health, listen up: The majority of dietary fibers limit the absorption of essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium into the body. Sunfiber, on the other hand, actually promotes the absorption of these bone-healthy minerals, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits from your digestible foods.

Speaking of digestible foods, how would like to feel fuller, longer? That might help you resist the urge to snack, right? Sunfiber has a healthy satiety effect. Unlike other fibers that “block” the gut — causing that uncomfortable bloated feeling — Sunfiber slows the gastric transit time so food stays with you longer. It also increases the satiation hormone called CCK. The result is a comfortably full and satiated feeling.


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  1. Myriame Tricker

    Hi. I have been taking Ultimate Intestinal Cleansing from UltimateLifespan. But decided to try Lorna Vanderhagens Regular Girl with Sunfiber and probiotic. When I started a week ago, I had a tremendous amount of gas, that has eased. But sometimes I am cramps. Why is that? Sunfiber is not suppose to do either. Thx for your help.


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