FOX viewers taught that healthy cleanses include fiber

FOX viewers taught that healthy cleanses include fiber

What comes to mind when you think about cleanses? If it’s a five-day supply of mail-ordered juice, you may actually be doing your body a disservice. Fitness guru and nutrition expert Lisa Lynn visited Tampa Bay’s My Fox studios for a news segment describing healthy cleanses. To cleanse successfully, Lynn suggests supplementing with Sunfiber to ensure that you’re meeting the daily recommended amount of fiber.

“Cleanses have been around for centuries. They’re really good for the body. Cleanses get us grounded and balanced again when done the right way,” Lynn began, cautioning that they should include sensible snacks and clean eating.

Lynn said that metabolic-boosting cleanses are the most successful. A day of healthy cleansing begins with a whey protein shake. Simply add salad greens to whey protein for a delicious shake that also provides the body with important nutrients.

“Coffee is awesome for cleansing, without milk,” Lynn added. “I put a little coffee in [my shake] and I also add a little bit of Sunfiber to that, which is an odorless, tasteless … no grit, but does not have the side effects associated with other fibers.”

Sunfiber does not cause uncomfortable bloating or gas. Unlike other types of dietary fiber supplements, Sunfiber (partially hydrolyzed guar gum) is easily absorbed by the body, allowing for better digestion. A single scoop gives you six grams of fiber.

Lynn stressed the importance of making healthy shakes at home, rather than buying pre-made ones in the grocery store or ordering them online. “It’s much better than shakes that are pumped with sugar. You have to make it fresh or it doesn’t count,” Lynn concluded.