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Mayo Clinic: eat more fiber

Eat more fiber. That’s the advice of the Mayo Clinic. While fiber is widely known for its ability to help reduce constipation, higher fiber consumption has also been shown to provide a wider range of health benefits. Clinical research indicates that fiber plays a positive role in normalizing bowel movements, maintaining bowel health, lowering cholesterol […]


Philadelphia CBS talk show to women: Get a regular guy with Sunfiber

Men need to thank the women in their lives. According to a U.S. Department of Labor report, women make 80 percent of their family’s healthcare decisions. When that decision includes choosing a fiber supplement for digestive health, Felicia Stoler, DCN, MS, RD, FACSM suggests gluten-free Sunfiber. The health author, appearing on Talk Philly, said most […]

Sunfiber and Suntheanine

Pharmacist’s brainy advice includes Sunfiber and Suntheanine

If you want your children to do better in school this year, holistic pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos suggests that you evaluate their diet and lifestyle. Kids’ ability to remember and concentrate in the classroom, as well as their behavior, can be influenced by how they eat, what they eat, how well they sleep at […]


Don’t let traveler’s constipation slow you down during your next race

Traveling can mess up anyone’s digestive system. If you’re an athlete flying to a big race, that can be especially challenging. You don’t want to be at the starting line battling that sluggish feeling caused by occasional constipation. But you may also be reluctant to take an over-the-counter remedy, for fear of needing a bathroom […]

Mayo Clinic explains fiber benefits

Bowel health, lower cholesterol, good weight and controlling blood sugar are all benefits of a high-fiber diet, according to The Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic explains fiber benefits on its website, offering a multimedia presentation that describes the important role dietary fiber has in promoting human health. Among the benefits of a high-fiber diet highlighted […]


FOX viewers taught that healthy cleanses include fiber

What comes to mind when you think about cleanses? If it’s a five-day supply of mail-ordered juice, you may actually be doing your body a disservice. Fitness guru and nutrition expert Lisa Lynn visited Tampa Bay’s My Fox studios for a news segment describing healthy cleanses. To cleanse successfully, Lynn suggests supplementing with Sunfiber to […]

Public media station WRVO reported on need for more fiber consumption

New York public media station WRVO reported on need for more fiber consumption in a recent program. The program, part of the station’s Taking Care feature, featured an interview with nutritionist Joan Rogus, a registered dietician in central New York who has her own private practice in Syracuse. Diets high in fiber help maintain bowel health, […]


Fiber: One of six fun-saving strategies for fine tuning your beach body

Uh oh! Bathing suit season is here again. So are picnics, parties and other fun activities where there you may be tempted by high-calorie treats. Best-selling author Sherry Torkos says it is possible to slim down while still enjoying your summer. In her newest blog, she outlines six simple strategies that can help tone your […]

fiber, Sunfiber

Fiber: Four heart-healthy reasons to love it

Fiber intake is important for heart health as well as bowel regularity. In her newest blog, holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos, co-author of Saving Women’s Hearts, explains that fiber: 1. Helps promote healthy cholesterol levels, particularly the LDL (bad) cholesterol. 2. Helps support normal, healthy blood pressure. 3. Supports healthy blood glucose levels. This is important […]


Holistic pharmacist explains why Sunfiber is a smart weight-loss tool

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, holistic pharmacist and best-selling author Sherry Torkos is dispelling some widely held weight-loss myths in her most recent blog. You might be surprised that she suggests Sunfiber as an alternative to over-the-counter diet pills. As Torkos says, “Galactomannan-based fibers, such as Sunfiber, help to curb appetite by making […]