Here’s how fiber can help men ditch the extra weight

Here’s how fiber can help men ditch the extra weight

Men, if you’re having trouble dropping those extra pounds or you’re spending more time in the bathroom lately, boosting your fiber intake might be the answer. Most guys don’t get enough. And in addition to supporting weight loss, fiber has tons of health benefits that may make you feel better and look better. 

You don’t have to make any crazy changes. You can easily meet your daily fiber needs by adding some extra fiber-rich foods to your diet. Or, make it even easier with a soluble fiber supplement, such as Sunfiber!

With this month’s Movember events, your attention may already be on your health. So, let’s take a look at three ways dietary fiber can help your wellbeing:

  1. Lose extra pounds: People who get the right amount of fiber tend to maintain their weight better than those who aren’t getting enough. Fiber helps you ditch those extra snacks by making you feel full for longer. It can even reduce the amount of calorie intake during your next meal.
  2. Decrease the amount of time spent in the bathroom: Meeting the recommended amount of dietary fiber (38 g for men) may alleviate occasional constipation by helping you stay regular and improve the consistency of your stool. Sunfiber helps food move through your gut at the right pace without the embarrassment of excess gas or bloating. 
  3. Help with managing blood sugar levels: Blood sugar has an affect on your energy levels and your ability to concentrate. Eating fiber-rich foods may help slow the absorption of sugar in the gut, which may help you regulate blood sugar levels.

So how do you get enough fiber in your diet? The recommended daily intake of dietary fiber for men is 38g. Most guys are only getting about 15g. Luckily, increasing your fiber is pretty simple. Some of our favorite tips include: 

  • Keep a container of Sunfiber on your kitchen counter. Stir a scoop into your coffee, smoothies, soups or other favorite meals. It’s tasteless, colorless and odorless. You won’t even know it’s there! Most Sunfiber fans know it dissolves readily in water. You can also use it in baking and cooking. Did you know, for example, that you can add a few scoops to your muffin mix as an easy way to help meet your daily fiber needs? 
  • Switch out your regular burger with a black bean burger once a week. Many popular convenience restaurants now have one on their menus. 
  • Add some raspberries or blackberries on top of waffles, yogurt or oatmeal for a fiber-rich breakfast. 
  • Ditch unhealthy snacks such as chips or sweets and replace them with high-fiber snacks like apples and peanut butter or sliced avocado on toast. 

Take a step towards a healthier lifestyle and commit to adding more fiber to your diet with healthy fruits and vegetables, and easy-to-use Sunfiber!