How to feed the right soluble fiber to your immune system

How to feed the right soluble fiber to your immune system

Most North Americans still aren’t eating enough soluble fiber, which is crucial to immune health. The good news is that you may just need an additional 10 to 15 grams of fiber daily, to fill that deficiency gap. That is easily done with supplements containing Sunfiber

In their popular new Brainspanners video series on Facebook, functional medicine expert Bryce Wylde teams with holistic nutritionist Andrea Donsky to discuss hot health topics. An episode on gut health and the immune system revealed dietary fiber information that may be surprising to you. 

While you may already know that 80% of the immune system is in our gut, Wylde revealed how that relates to fiber:

  • Probiotics: “These are the good bacteria that confer health benefits.”
  • Prebiotics: “This is the soluble fiber that these good bacteria need to eat to survive.” 
  • Postbiotics: Wylde describes this as essentially, the poop produced by the probiotics. “They emit such things as vitamin B, vitamin K, glutathione (a really important antioxidant) and fulvic acid, which is really important for the immune system.” 

Wylde added, “The good bacteria may make all these important nutrients but only when we feed them the right stuff. Not all soluble fiber is the same.” Wylde and Donsky agreed that they “highly revere Sunfiber” because it is safe and highly tolerable. Plus, it is transparent in water without any changes to taste, texture or smell. “There’s no goop, which is why I love it so much,” said Donsky.

Later in the video, Wylde revealed that using the Bristol Stool Chart is an easy way to know if you are fiber-deficient. “If yours are anything other than #3 or #4 on this chart, it could indicate dehydration or that you are getting an improper amount of soluble fiber.”