Delicious protein shakes? Include Sunfiber for post workout snack

protein shakes

February 26, 2014

 Many professional, amateur and weekend athletes favor post-workout protein shakes to help their muscles recover more quickly. In his recent blog, Empowered Yoga creator and certified personal trainer Johnny Gillespie says that he also likes protein shakes for their convenience. Gillespie says that while he may get creative with his ingredients, he always adds Sunfiber for both its fiber and prebiotic benefits. Prebiotics help to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive system, strengthening the immune system. That’s ideal because no one feels like working out when they are sick!

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    Sunfiber is a true regulating dietary fiber and prebiotic for maintaining digestive health and microflora balance. It is tasteless, colorless, odorless and 100% water-soluble. Sunfiber is well tolerated and does not lead to the typical bloating, cramping and gas production that other fibers are known for.

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