Overweight Atlanta viewers encouraged to use Sunfiber

Overweight Atlanta viewers encouraged to use Sunfiber

Can bananas make you fat? Eating more vegetables and less fruit, and adding Sunfiber to your breakfast routine may be better way of feeling full so that you can stay on your diet. That’s just one of the weight-loss messages that fitness and nutrition expert Lisa Lynn shared during her interview on WATC Atlanta’s Friends and Neighbors.

Lynn, author of the newly released book The Metabolism Solution, told her story about being 40 pounds overweight and depressed. “This book is for people who have tried everything to lose weight,” she said. “When we make the proper food corrections, the weight falls off right away,” she explained.

Some people struggle with weight loss because they continue to believe food myths that just aren’t true. While fruits are healthy, they may contain more sugar than you want to consume, especially if you’re dieting. Instead, to “really nail your [fiber] numbers”, Lynn recommends increasing your vegetable intake and having a single scoop of Sunfiber every morning.

“This is the only invisible, regulating fiber on the market,” she explained. “It will help you feel fuller, longer. It has no taste. There’s no grit.” She also pointed out that she didn’t have to use a blender to mix it into her morning protein shake.

Lynn cautioned that not all fibers are created equal. Whereas some block the gut, Sunfiber has a healthy satiety effect, which may help you resist the urge to snack. As a weight-loss expert, women are always telling Lynn that they are hungry. She said that Sunfiber is one of the secrets to her own weight loss success.

She gave viewers a fiber supplement shortcut for the entire family: “Just look for the brand, Sunfiber. It’s the only regulating, invisible, flavorless, odorless fiber.” She added that if you’re suffering from occasional constipation, it will help you go to the bathroom. Or if you’re having an occasional bout of diarrhea, it will help with that too. “There’s not another fiber that will do that.”