Constipated and pregnant? Here’s a natural way to find relief.

Constipated and pregnant? Here’s a natural way to find relief.

When you’re pregnant, friends compliment you on your natural glow. What they may not realize, is that you’re also suffering from an aggravating and sometimes painful condition. Occasional constipation may affect half of all women at some point in their pregnancy. If you’re constipated and pregnant, increase your soluble fiber intake with Sunfiber. This all-natural, gluten-free fiber supplement helps manage constipation gently, without any additional cramping or bloating. Sunfiber also offers others benefits which helps make this blessed occasion even more comfortable for you and baby.

Constipation and pregnancy

Hormonal changes and prenatal vitamins are blamed for the constipation, gas and bloating experienced during pregnancy, especially the first trimester. Many doctors and nutritionists advise against using laxatives. Increasing your fluid and fiber intake helps, but select your fiber supplement carefully. Some can cause gas, cramping and bloating. Use Sunfiber, a unique fiber supplement made with a gentle, prebiotic fiber. It soothes constipation without uncomfortable side effects.

Fiber supplements affect mineral absorption

Some gel-forming fiber supplements – such as those made with pectins, cellulose and inulin – may reduce the absorption of calcium, zinc, iron and other important minerals. Sunfiber’s galactomannan doesn’t have this effect. In fact, it has been clinically shown to increase absorption of minerals that are so essential during pregnancy.

Fiber supplements and gestational diabetes

The percentage of women diagnosed with gestational diabetes – high blood glucose levels during pregnancy – is increasing. It can lead to preterm birth, excessive birth weight and diabetes later in life for both mom and baby. Sunfiber helps manage blood glucose levels. Studies show consuming Sunfiber with a meal lowers the food’s glycemic index.

Sunfiber is also easy to take. Unlike supplements which turn gloppy in water, Sunfiber dissolves readily. You can add it to your water, coffee, tea or juice. It won’t change the color, odor, taste or consistency: great news for any mom-to-be suffering with morning sickness.