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Chef Viverito’s fiber-packed spicy slaw

Chef Viverito shared his personal story about losing weight and boosting his health by following the keto diet with Las Vegas Morning Blend viewers. The international chef also explained that the keto diet is often low in fiber. Getting enough soluble fiber can help you manage your weight as well as support your digestive health. […]

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Morning TV’s list of top health food finds includes Sunfiber

The hottest healthy foods were revealed on Toronto Breakfast Television. Sunfiber was included, as were trendy hemp-based protein and bone broth. Registered holistic nutritionist and author Andrea Donsky, who revealed the list, called Sunfiber her “favorite fiber.” Sunfiber has a Health Canada-approved claim for its effectiveness in managing IBS symptoms, as well as its ability […]

KABC Los Angeles calls prebiotic fiber the next big thing

Soluble fiber called the next big thing on ABC-TV’s Eyewitness News

Foods such as asparagus, oatmeal, black beans and avocados help prebiotics do their job. These foods are rich in soluble fiber, a nutrient dubbed the “next big thing” on ABC-TV’s Eyewitness News, Los Angeles. Nutritional biochemist Shawn Talbott, explained: “They can grow good bacteria and also starve out bad bacteria, as bad bacteria will sometimes […]


Sunfiber included in WholeFoods Magazine’s top supplement list

Supplements can help fill the gaps in your diet, as well as boost your intake of powerful nutrients to help your body thrive. Board-certified nutritionist Jonny Bowden listed six supplements that are a great addition to your diet in this WholeFoods Magazine article. We’re honored that he included Sunfiber. Getting enough fiber in your diet […]

Mayo Clinic: eat more fiber

Eat more fiber. That’s the advice of the Mayo Clinic. While fiber is widely known for its ability to help reduce constipation, higher fiber consumption has also been shown to provide a wider range of health benefits. Clinical research indicates that fiber plays a positive role in normalizing bowel movements, maintaining bowel health, lowering cholesterol […]

Michigan State advises adding fiber

Michigan State advises adding fiber to your diet. It’s easy, according to Ashley Parrish of Michigan State University Extenson. Parrish recommends many ways to increase fiber in your diet: Leave the skin on whole fruits and vegetables Choose brown rice, whole wheat bread and pastas over white bread and rice Choose foods with “whole grain” listed […]

Kids need fiber, too

Kids need fiber, too, according to an Oklahoma State University (OSU) extension educator. Dietary fiber is important for individuals of all ages, but children’s fiber needs are sometimes overlooked, writes LaDell Emmons in a recent issue of the McAlester News-Capital. Fiber helps prevent constipation and provides important nutrients and vitamins, advises Emmons. A child’s fiber […]

Kentucky columnist recommends fiber

A Lexington, Kentucky columnist recommends fiber for promoting good health. Sharon Wallace, a dietician who writes a column for the Lexington Herald Leader, tells readers in a recent column that fiber-rich diets offer a wide range of health benefits. Wallace is chief clinical dietician at Baptist Health in Lexington, Kentucky. Beginning with digestive health, Wallace cites […]

Low-carb diets are not for everyone

Low-carb diets are not for everyone, writes Kelly O’Shea, sports medicine and fitness editor for The Philadelphia Enquirer, in a recent column. The column underscores the important role of fiber in a healthy diet, while also highlighting the importance of carbohydrates in everyday nutrition. The column quotes  Theresa Shank, RD, LDN of Einstein Healthcare Network, who […]

Mayo Clinic explains fiber benefits

Bowel health, lower cholesterol, good weight and controlling blood sugar are all benefits of a high-fiber diet, according to The Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic explains fiber benefits on its website, offering a multimedia presentation that describes the important role dietary fiber has in promoting human health. Among the benefits of a high-fiber diet highlighted […]

Public media station WRVO reported on need for more fiber consumption

New York public media station WRVO reported on need for more fiber consumption in a recent program. The program, part of the station’s Taking Care feature, featured an interview with nutritionist Joan Rogus, a registered dietician in central New York who has her own private practice in Syracuse. Diets high in fiber help maintain bowel health, […]