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Fox news article suggests Sunfiber for constipated children

Fox news article suggests Sunfiber for constipated children

Frequent use of laxatives may cause ‘lazy colon’ which makes the body dependent on the medication to properly void the bowels. Since a primary cause of occasional constipation is not getting enough fiber-rich foods, Torkos suggests adding more vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fruits to the child’s diet. Meeting the recommended dietary fiber intake may still be difficult, so consider a fiber supplement. Gluten-free Sunfiber dissolves crystal clear in water, and is tasteless and odorless. It can also be mixed into food and many beverages, which may help parents boost their pickiest eater’s fiber intake. This truly regulating soluble fiber also has no uncomfortable side effects.
Nutrients You May Be Missing on a Gluten-Free Diet

Nutrients You May Be Missing on a Gluten-Free Diet

Many gluten-free breads are made with rice or tapioca flour, and are low in fiber. Look for breads made with bean or nut flours, and add more high-fiber foods to your diet such as vegetables and seeds. “Because it’s tough to consistently get enough fiber, consider a natural fiber supplement,” Torkos said. “One that I recommend is Sunfiber. It is gluten free and easily added to just about any beverage.” Sunfiber is tasteless and odorless, and dissolves crystal clear in water.
Pharmacist to Fox viewers: Soluble fiber isn’t a weight loss gimmick.

Pharmacist to Fox viewers: Soluble fiber isn’t a weight loss gimmick.

Research has shown that Sunfiber helps provide a feeling of satiety, and also reduces the urge to snack between meals. “If you’re looking to slim down over the summer months, and you want something that can help control your appetite and stabilize blood sugar, don’t look to any of the weight-loss gimmicks,” said Torkos.

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