Pharmacist on CBS News presents a novel approach to fighting allergies

June 1,2016

Pharmacist on CBS News presents a novel approach to fighting allergies

Your hairstylist wants you to buy shampoo. Your mechanic suggests new tires. You would expect a pharmacist to recommend medication for your sniffling, sneezing and itchy allergy eyes. But when holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos appeared on WREG’s Live at Nine, she provided viewers with a different approach to fighting allergies. Because your gut is a large part of your immune health, she suggested supporting its health with soluble fiber. It made our day when she demonstrated with GNC’s Super Fiber which is powered by our Sunfiber.

Allergy medications may make you tired, dizzy or constipated. They may also cause blurred vision and dry mouth. “I know all too well the side effects that people can run into when they take these products off the shelf,” said Torkos. “Sometimes they don’t always consult the pharmacist. They take them and they don’t read the fine print.”

Regardless of your need for allergy medications, you should support your gut health. “A large portion of your immune system resides in your gut,” explained Torkos. Gut-associated lymphatic tissue, also known as GALT, represents about 70 percent of the immune system. “We need to encourage better bacteria and better digestion,” she added.

Sunfiber is a prebiotic fiber, which means it supports the growth of beneficial bacteria. “I love this fiber,” said Torkos, motioning to the Super Fiber canister. “The actual fiber in it is called Sunfiber,” she explained. “It’s invisible, tasteless and odorless. I put a scoop (into this glass of water) five minutes ago. I stirred it up, and as you see it’s not gritty. It’s clear.”
Most Americans are not getting enough fiber in their diet. At least 24 to 30 grams are recommended. “Most people aren’t even getting half of the recommended amount of fiber,” said Torkos who added that Sunfiber is soluble fiber, as opposed to insoluble fiber. “That’s the type of fiber that makes you feel more full. It promotes regularity, so it helps with both occasional constipation and diarrhea. And it’s a prebiotic, meaning it helps to encourage growth of the good bacteria, the friendly bacteria. I would recommend this once or twice a day.”

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