Pharmacist to Fox viewers: Soluble fiber isn’t a weight loss gimmick.

June 19,2015

weight-loss gimmick

Health author and holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos wants people looking to drop a few pounds to steer away from something that may be a weight loss gimmick, and instead consider Sunfiber. This soluble fiber supplement helps curb your appetite and manage your blood sugar levels. Torkos, a recent guest on Fox’s Good Day Charlotte, explained that this clear-mixing fiber also helps you meet your daily fiber requirement. This clinically studied supplement may be the sensible solution you need to look and feel great.

With the large variety of fiber supplements on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. “This is a great fiber,” said Torkos about Sunfiber.” Gluten-free Sunfiber dissolves crystal clear in water. The fine white powder can also be mixed into other non-carbonated beverages, such as coffee or juice, or used in foods. It won’t impact the flavor, color, texture or aroma.

Research has shown that Sunfiber helps provide a feeling of satiety, and also reduces the urge to snack between meals. “If you’re looking to slim down over the summer months, and you want something that can help control your appetite and stabilize blood sugar, don’t look to any of the weight-loss gimmicks,” said Torkos. “The tried-and-true is soluble fiber. It keeps you feeling more full.” Sunfiber slows the gastric transit time and increases the satiation hormone, CCK. It also modifies the glycemic index of foods which helps moderate blood glucose levels.

Most Americans don’t get enough fiber from the foods they eat. The Institute of Medicine recommends adults consume 25 to 38 grams of fiber daily, but most Americans consume much less. One scoop of Tomorrow’s Nutrition’s Sunfiber dissolved in water provides six grams of clear, grit-free dietary fiber. Unlike other fiber supplements, Sunfiber won’t cause bloating, cramping and gas.

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