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Taiyo’s Sunfiber receives Non-GMO Project Verification

Taiyo’s Sunfiber receives Non-GMO Project Verification

Taiyo is proud to announce that its all-natural Sunfiber has been Non-GMO Project Verified. Sunfiber, a galactomannan-based fiber, is also 100 percent gluten-free, certified Organic, Kosher and Halal and suitable for vegetarians. “We are proud to achieve Non-GMO Project Verification, which validates Sunfiber’s quality and the integrity of our supply chain,” says Scott Smith, vice […]

constipated children

Fox news article suggests Sunfiber for constipated children

Frequent use of laxatives may cause ‘lazy colon’ which makes the body dependent on the medication to properly void the bowels. Since a primary cause of occasional constipation is not getting enough fiber-rich foods, Torkos suggests adding more vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fruits to the child’s diet. Meeting the recommended dietary fiber intake may […]

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Article details what your body may be lacking when you avoid gluten

Many gluten-free breads are made with rice or tapioca flour, and are low in fiber. Look for breads made with bean or nut flours, and add more high-fiber foods to your diet such as vegetables and seeds. “Because it’s tough to consistently get enough fiber, consider a natural fiber supplement,” Torkos said. “One that I […]

weight-loss gimmick

Pharmacist to Fox viewers: Soluble fiber isn’t a weight loss gimmick.

Research has shown that Sunfiber helps provide a feeling of satiety, and also reduces the urge to snack between meals. “If you’re looking to slim down over the summer months, and you want something that can help control your appetite and stabilize blood sugar, don’t look to any of the weight-loss gimmicks,” said Torkos.


Dietitian on national TV: Sunfiber helps lower cholesterol

Both men and women need to be concerned about their heart health. Registered dietitian and health author Felicia Stoler, appearing on the nationally syndicated Better Show, shared this troubling fact: Heart disease is still the number one killer in this country. Taking care of your heart includes making smart choices. The health expert said including […]


San Diego viewers learn why to pack Sunfiber in their suitcase

Don’t leave home without Sunfiber. Holistic pharmacist and health author Sherry Torkos appeared on San Diego’s Fox 5 with some spring break travel essentials. Digestive issues are not uncommon when traveling, so she suggested tucking this fiber supplement into your travel bag. Gluten-free Sunfiber is truly a regulating fiber. It helps with occasional constipation or […]


Here’s how Sunfiber will help Washington, D.C. viewers shape up for summer

It’s almost swimsuit season. Have you stocked up on Sunfiber yet? Appearing on News Channel 8’s Let’s Talk Live, registered dietitian and exercise physiologist Felicia Stoler told the Washington, D.C. audience how fiber can help them get their bodies ready for summer. Stoler, author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes, confirmed that diet and exercise […]

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The right stuff: Dietitian talks gluten-free fiber on ABC TV

Eat this. Don’t eat that. It can be difficult to know what food rules to follow. Registered dietitian and health author Felicia Stoler appeared on San Antonio’s SA Live to give viewers guidance on eating right. This includes getting more gluten-free fiber into your diet. Stoler said flavorless, odorless and Sunfiber is a healthy option […]


Health magazines list health benefits of fiber (some may surprise you)

We all know that fiber is helpful for maintaining regularity, but it can have a surprisingly good effect on heart health, too. Pharmacist and health author Sherry Torkos’ article in Alternative Medicine explained why fiber, such as in the supplement Sunfiber, is important for your heart and waistline. In addition to supporting intestinal health, fiber […]

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How to safely follow a gluten-free diet

Gluten-free diets have become very popular. For some, such as those diagnosed with celiac disease, it’s a necessity. Others who have a gluten sensitivity simply feel better without gluten in their diets. But as holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos, who has celiac disease, warns: avoiding gluten can result in some nutritional deficiencies. “Many gluten-free products are […]

benefits of fiber

CBS viewers learn the benefits of fiber after a summer of indulging

After long summer days filled with sun, snacks, beers and BBQs, it’s time to get your body back on track. Good Day Sacramento viewers learned that they may be able to help their bodies recover just by eating and drinking certain things, such as the benefits of fiber. Guest Dr. Felicia Stoler suggested that viewers […]


Sunfiber advised for constipation relief on national radio show

Who knew that adding one ingredient to your diet may help relieve constipation, improve immune health and cholesterol, and may even assist with weight loss? Those are reasons why registered dietitian Dr. Felicia Stoler, author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes, recommended truly regulating Sunfiber during a recent interview on the nationally syndicated MomTalk Radio […]