The right stuff: Dietitian talks gluten-free fiber on ABC TV

The right stuff: Dietitian talks gluten-free fiber on ABC TV

Eat this. Don’t eat that. It can be difficult to know what food rules to follow. Registered dietitian and health author Felicia Stoler appeared on San Antonio’s SA Live to give viewers guidance on eating right. This includes getting more gluten-free fiber into your diet. Stoler said flavorless, odorless and Sunfiber is a healthy option to consider.

Eating a varied diet, rich in nutrients is important but can be a challenge. “Most Americans don’t get enough fiber in their diet,” Stoler said. “The reason we want to have fiber is it helps us to feel full.”

Stoler’s suggestions for adding more fiber into your diet:

  • High-fiber pasta: Stoler suggested looking for high-fiber pasta that also contains essential fatty acids.
  • Quinoa: The high-fiber grain (pronounced KEEN-wah) is also very high in protein.
  • Popcorn: The healthy snack is also whole grain.
  • Sunfiber: Fiber supplements are an easy way to increase the fiber content in your diet.

Stoler said people are sometimes concerned that they can’t get enough fiber because they can’t tolerate gluten. Sunfiber is a good option for them because it is a gluten-free fiber.

Sunfiber is also easier to use than other powdered fiber supplements. “It’s flavorless and it doesn’t gel. It’s totally dissolvable.” The colorless and odorless supplement can be easily mixed into a beverage. “You can throw it in your coffee, throw it in your juice in the morning or throw it in a glass of water. No problem.” Sunfiber won’t alter the taste or texture of foods so it can be easily added to recipes when baking or cooking.

Sunfiber promotes intestinal and colon health. As a true regulating fiber, it improves both occasional constipation and occasional diarrhea. It also helps with weight control by providing a satiety effect.