Baltimore CBS news viewers told to try high-fiber breakfast smoothies


June 23, 2015

Many Americans are overweight. Our convenient food choices have inconveniently packed on the pounds and caused entire families to tip the scale. Celebrity fitness expert Lisa Lynn, author of The Metabolism Solution, told Baltimore’s CBS News viewers that a few simple food swaps may help you regain your family’s health and their waistlines. One of her suggestions is to exchange your current breakfast for high-fiber breakfast smoothies made with Sunfiber. This will help keep your family feeling full all morning, and away from that unhealthy snack-filled vending machine.

Lynn says many families struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s why she offers simple solutions. “I also believe that families have to do this together,” she said. She suggests starting off the day with a homemade slimming smoothie. She doesn’t recommend premade or fresh store-bought smoothies. “These are pumped with more sugar than soda. Stay away and make your own,” she said. Her recipe includes high-grade whey and Sunfiber. “I make two. Mine is made with a little coffee. It’s absolutely delicious, and boosts my metabolism 25 percent. Then for my kids, I will add fresh fruit.”

Metabolism is the process your body uses to convert food and drink into energy. “Metabolism is what decides whether you are a fast burner and are skinny,” Lynn explained, “or if you just can’t lose weight.” Many people already make a smoothie for breakfast, but they may not be using the right ingredients. “This Sunfiber is one of the best fibers out there. It has no flavor. It’s colorless, odorless and mixes readily in water,” Lynn said. “It also helps keep you feeling full.” Sunfiber is also a truly regulating fiber, helping with both occasional diarrhea and constipation.

Lynn stressed the importance of getting enough dietary fiber daily. “None of us are getting enough fiber,” she said. Most Americans consume only half of the recommended amount each day. She suggested increasing fiber intake by having her peanut butter bliss balls instead of cookies. Made with peanut butter, Sunfiber, honey and Malaysian sustainable palm oil, this rich treat satisfies a sweet tooth, boosts metabolism and helps your family meet their daily fiber requirement.

Lisa Lynn is a specialist in metabolic weight loss and performance nutrition, compensated to provide her professional opinions.

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