Marie Claire readers told Sunfiber may help manage holiday weight gain

December 16,2016

These fashionistas read that we’re the secret to a slimmer holiday

If you’re looking to keep your weight in check this holiday season, Marie Claire magazine had some disheartening news. In an article about holiday weight gain, Assistant Editor Chelsea Peng wrote that many of us are the lightest we will be all year. This is according to a New England Journal of Medicine study that researched weight gain over the holidays. Peng asked five health pros how readers can help maintain their figure, “during this time of culturally sanctioned gluttony.” We were honored that registered dietitian nutritionist Felicia Stoler suggested supplementing with Sunfiber.
All of the experts offered smart advice – from not skipping meals to eating a protein-packed snack before heading to a holiday party – but we really loved Felicia Stoler’s tip. She explained that the food choices you make may influence your future calorie intake. “Consume a high fiber diet or consider a supplement like Sunfiber or Regular Girl before attending your holiday celebration,” she said. “This helps with satiety, the feeling of fullness, so you don’t overeat.”
Sunfiber’s soluble fiber helps to slow digestion. This may help you feel comfortably full, so you won’t be tempted to linger too long at the holiday cookie platter or office party buffet.
Be careful if you’re not used to consuming a high-fiber diet. Many common fiber-packed foods, such as beans, whole-grain cereals and certain vegetables may cause stomach discomfort and painful gas. Sunfiber’s soluble fiber is gentle on your belly. One serving delivers five grams of fiber without excess gas or bloating. And it mixes cleanly into the foods and drinks you’re already consuming, so you don’t need to add another calorie-laden snack or bar into your diet.
So prepare for the holidays by upping your fiber intake with Sunfiber. Our website also offers advice on boosting your fiber intake. With these tips, you just may disprove that study, and enjoy a trimmer and slimmer holiday.

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