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Michigan State advises adding fiber

Michigan State advises adding fiber to your diet. It’s easy, according to Ashley Parrish of Michigan State University Extenson. Parrish recommends many ways to increase fiber in your diet: Leave the skin on whole fruits and vegetables Choose brown rice, whole wheat bread and pastas over white bread and rice Choose foods with “whole grain” listed […]

Kids need fiber, too

Kids need fiber, too, according to an Oklahoma State University (OSU) extension educator. Dietary fiber is important for individuals of all ages, but children’s fiber needs are sometimes overlooked, writes LaDell Emmons in a recent issue of the McAlester News-Capital. Fiber helps prevent constipation and provides important nutrients and vitamins, advises Emmons. A child’s fiber […]

Fats, fiber and fitness

Fats, fiber and fitness: Three tips for staying out of the doctor’s office

What would you do right this minute, if you knew it might keep you from needing to see a doctor tomorrow? There are hundreds of simple ways to help protect our health. These include everything from hand washing to good dental hygiene. Here are three of our favorite wellness tips involving fats, fiber and fitness. […]

gluten-free diet

How to safely follow a gluten-free diet

Gluten-free diets have become very popular. For some, such as those diagnosed with celiac disease, it’s a necessity. Others who have a gluten sensitivity simply feel better without gluten in their diets. But as holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos, who has celiac disease, warns: avoiding gluten can result in some nutritional deficiencies. “Many gluten-free products are […]

Kentucky columnist recommends fiber

A Lexington, Kentucky columnist recommends fiber for promoting good health. Sharon Wallace, a dietician who writes a column for the Lexington Herald Leader, tells readers in a recent column that fiber-rich diets offer a wide range of health benefits. Wallace is chief clinical dietician at Baptist Health in Lexington, Kentucky. Beginning with digestive health, Wallace cites […]

energy crashes

Four ways to boost your energy and beat the afternoon energy crashes

It is 2 p.m. and as usual, your eyes feel heavy and you’re having trouble concentrating. Before you give in to that vending machine candy bar or make a fresh pot of coffee, try to beat the afternoon energy crashes with more natural approaches. 1. Sit up and get up. Straighten your posture. That one […]

Low-carb diets are not for everyone

Low-carb diets are not for everyone, writes Kelly O’Shea, sports medicine and fitness editor for The Philadelphia Enquirer, in a recent column. The column underscores the important role of fiber in a healthy diet, while also highlighting the importance of carbohydrates in everyday nutrition. The column quotes  Theresa Shank, RD, LDN of Einstein Healthcare Network, who […]

regulating fiber

NBC viewers shown metabolism-boosting snacks made with regulating fiber

Have you amped up your gym regimen or picked up running with the family dog, but still aren’t seeing the results you wanted? Fitness and metabolism expert Lisa Lynn knows just how hard it can be to lose weight. While in Miami for a 6 in the Mix TV segment to discuss fast, safe and […]

Dietary Fiber Market – Global Growth Predicted

Driven by customer preferences and the needs of an aging global population, robust growth is predicted for the global dietary fiber market, according to a new study published by Research and Markets. Functional foods, beverages, dairy, and bakery and confectionary are some of the leading food product categories accounting for dietary fiber growth. Pharmaceutical use […]

summer fitness

Summer fitness steps to attaining a “confident summer body” with expert Johnny Gillespie

How are you preparing for swimsuit season? Fitness expert Johnny Gillespie says that summer bodies are built during the winter and spring, not just during summer fitness. And if you haven’t been doing anything strenuous in the winter, you’ll need to slowly build up your stamina. In his latest blog, he offers advice for slowly […]