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April 22, 2015

As a nation, we’re confused about constipation. We have as much trouble agreeing on what defines constipation as we do agreeing on how to deal with it. As we prepare for vacation and swimsuit season, it’s the ideal time to clear up some misconceptions about this very common condition.

Surprising Fact #1: Constipation can have different symptoms.
Frequency is just one concern. From hard stools that are causing you to strain to uncomfortable bloating, occasional constipation can feel different to different people. Your stool can be classified into one of seven shapes, which might be helpful to you especially if you ever need to describe your bowel irregularity to your doctor.

Surprising Fact #2: Eating yogurt may not be sufficient.
The probiotics found in some yogurts may help to replenish beneficial gut bacteria, but that may not be sufficient for restoring regularity. Prebiotics that nourish beneficial gut bacteria, such as Sunfiber, benefit a number of gastrointestinal disorders including occasional constipation (as well as occasional diarrhea).

Surprising Fact #3: Laxatives may not be necessary.
That’s good news since people can develop a tolerance to stimulant laxatives. An Italian study of constipated patients found that taking Sunfiber (PHGG) daily helped move things along faster and more easily. Straining decreased and so did the need for laxatives.

Surprising Fact #4: Even occasional constipation is a big deal.
This isn’t just a physical issue. It impacts quality of life. When you are feeling sluggish and bloated, you’re probably not the happiest person in the room. And while you’re spending extra time straining to go, life outside the bathroom door is passing you by. Then there are those uncomfortably tight-fitting clothes.

If constipation is sometimes a problem for you, consider steps for taking better care of your gut health. Eat a range of plant-based foods. Get a moderate amount of exercise. Take a fiber supplement for constipation. And boost your fiber intake even further with prebiotic Sunfiber, which is a truly regulating fiber. Sunfiber is backed by clinical research showing that it helps to normalize stools. And we can all agree: That’s a good thing.

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