Memphis CBS news viewers told fiber may help them spring into shape

Memphis CBS news viewers told fiber may help them spring into shape

Sunfiber may help improve your health this spring, even if you spent the winter hibernating inside and eating comfort foods. Appearing on Memphis’s News Channel Nine, registered dietitian Felicia Stoler said this gluten-free fiber has multiple benefits, including helping you feel fuller longer so you may want to eat less. The CBS viewers also learned that most Americans are not getting enough fiber in their daily diet.

Stoler joked that our cold-weather tendencies aren’t conducive to good health: “We are not bears, and we don’t store brown fat.” She added, “We really need to choose some better-for-us foods, and get up and move. Really, that’s the most important thing to do: Balance out the energy intake with the energy expenditure. So, moving more and not making excuses.”

Reading labels can help you become better educated about your food choices. “People think brown rice has more fiber than white, and it does,” said Stoler. “But it’s an insignificant source of fiber.” Brown rice contains just a half gram of fiber per serving, while white rice contains no fiber. “It’s really about eating foods that have more fiber, such as whole grain cereals using chia or quinoa,” she explained. “I also brought a fiber supplement here called Sunfiber, which I love. It dissolves clear, and more importantly for people with celiac disease, it is 100 percent gluten-free. It can be used in most beverages, or it can be used in baking.”

Sunfiber offers many benefits. “It helps people to feel fuller longer, and it helps to deal with the glycemic index of foods. For people who have to be concerned about that, you won’t have a rapid absorption of glucose into your system,” explained Stoler. “And it helps to lower your cholesterol.”

Stoler said the recommended daily fiber intake is 27 to 30 grams of fiber, “but the typical American diet is less than 20 grams of fiber per day. We need to be getting more fiber. And, you can’t just get it all from fruits and vegetables. I am a huge fan of fruits and veggies, but the truth is, there’s not always a lot of fiber in those foods.” Sunfiber helps you meet the daily fiber requirement. “I take it every day,” said Stoler.