Occasional constipation making you push too hard to poop?


May 21, 2014

Here’s great news for those who sometimes have to push too hard to poop. Clinical research may have found a way to solve the problem. An Italian study published in Digestive Diseases and Sciences found that PHGG (Sunfiber) makes it easier to go.

Researchers followed the bowel movement habits of 39 constipated patients. For the first two weeks, participants recorded their daily symptoms and laxative usage. Then for the next four weeks, they were given PHGG daily.

The scientists determined that PHGG helped move things along faster and more easily. Straining deceased and so did the need for laxatives.

So if you’ve got better use for your time than to spend hours “playing Candy Crush” in the bathroom, you might want to give a constipation-friendly fiber supplement a try.

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