Top nutritionist gives Fox news viewers a fiber-rich smoothie recipe

April 24,2015

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Get ready for swimsuit season by swapping out your breakfast bagel with a fiber-rich smoothie. Popular nutritionist, fitness expert and health author Lisa Lynn advised Baltimore’s Fox 45 Morning News viewers that making their own nutritious smoothie may help them lose weight. Store-bought smoothies are often loaded with sugar. Lynn suggests blending your own and adding a scoop of flavorless Sunfiber. This fiber supplement supports your weight loss goals by helping you feel full, longer.

Lynn, the author of The Metabolism Solution, says people struggling to lose weight often blame their metabolism. “The truth is, you can perk it up, but there is always something under the rock that’s going on,” she said. If you are eating right and exercising, yet still not losing weight, there’s always a reason. “Don’t take it personally,” she added. “Food doesn’t decide whether you’re a good or bad person. This is just about if you’re not doing the right things; the scale is not going to move.”

Lynn offered a simple swap. “Replace your current breakfast with a smoothie,” she said. “But one you make yourself. You know the old rule: If you want it to be healthy, you have to make it yourself. It couldn’t be more true here.” Lynn suggests making your own low-carb, low-sugar smoothie and including high-quality whey and Sunfiber. “None of us are getting enough fiber,” she said. “Sunfiber is colorless and odorless, plus there’s no taste. If you’re someone that struggles with hunger, it’s going to help keep you feeling full.” Gluten-free Sunfiber helps slow the absorption of food which provides a satiety effect.

Sunfiber is a truly regulating fiber. “If you’re not regular, it may slow the metabolism down,” said Lynn. Many store-bought smoothies and juice drinks do not contain fiber. “You have to make it yourself,” she said. She suggests making smoothies with Sunfiber ahead of time so they are ready for your hectic morning. “Keep it in the refrigerator, then shake and go.”

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