Dietitian offers listeners a solution to America’s fiber problem

April 27,2015


When Memphis KWAM radio host Marybeth Conley asked Felicia Stoler what nutrient Americans should increase in their diet to improve their health, the registered dietitian nutritionist didn’t even have to think about it. “Fiber is the most important,” she said. “The typical American diet is deficient in fiber.” Less than five percent of Americans are meeting the daily fiber requirement. Supplementing with Sunfiber can boost your daily intake and help you improve your overall wellbeing.

When it comes to health, many people have their priorities wrong. “We’re so busy worrying about the color of our food, instead of worrying about the actual content,” said Stoler. “We hear words like ‘whole grain’, but that’s not enough.” Stoler suggests reading food labels to check actual fiber content. “And, people are so anti-carb,” she added. “These are cultural foods that people have been eating for thousands of years. They are staples in the diet.” Stoler said there is no reason to avoid carbs, but we should select better-for-us options, including whole-grain pastas, and breads and cereals with added fiber. And while there is fiber in fruits and vegetables, Stoler said we often can’t get enough from them. The recommended daily intake of fiber is 25 to 30 grams.

Fiber supports your colorectal health. “Your GI tract is your first line of defense for your immune system,” said Stoler. “You want to, as I say to the little kids, keep the poop moving through the chute, for overall health and wellness.” A fiber supplement can help you boost your daily fiber intake. “One that I happen to really like is Sunfiber,” said Stoler. Gluten-free Sunfiber is a soluble galactomannan dietary fiber. “It is used in medical and nutritional products, in a hospital setting,” explained Stoler. “It dissolves completely and has absolutely no flavor.”

Sunfiber also helps manage blood glucose levels. “It helps to slow down the emptying rate of food from your stomach,” Stoler said. She compared the process to eating a whole apple versus drinking juice. Apple juice is quickly absorbed, allowing its sugars to enter your bloodstream quickly. A whole apple, however, with its fibrous pulp and skin, is released more slowly into your bloodstream.

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