Readers learn why Sunfiber helps to relieve uncomfortable bloating

Readers learn why Sunfiber helps to relieve uncomfortable bloating

Bloating – that gassy feeling which makes your tummy swell – is a persistent problem for many people. I was happy to provide insight on this bothersome issue for Health Central readers. I explained that avoiding this condition – and fitting into your skinny pants again – might be as easy as adding Sunfiber to your diet. It supports a healthy digestive balance, and also helps to relieve uncomfortable bloating.

Some people suffer from bloating after overeating. Practice portion control, especially when surrounded by tempting party foods. When you eat large quantities, your stomach becomes distended. This also puts pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter which may cause burping. Fatty meals may also cause bloating because they take longer to digest. To avoid this uncomfortable feeling, include carbohydrates in every meal.

Ingesting air while you eat or drink may also cause discomfort. Be mindful about chewing and swallowing. Always chew with your mouth closed. For the same reason, cut back on carbonated beverages, chewing gum and hard candy. Consuming sugar alcohols such as sorbitol, malitol and xylitol can also cause bloating. Instead of eating products with these non-nutritive sweeteners, choose foods which are closer to the way they are found in nature.

Gluten-free Sunfiber supports a healthy digestive system. This prebiotic fiber helps maintain the friendly bacteria in your gut. This avoids that gassy, bloated feeling other fiber supplements sometimes cause. Sunfiber is a truly regulating fiber, so taking it daily may help manage occasional constipation – another common cause of bloating – as well as occasional diarrhea. Sunfiber moves the poop through the chute at just the right speed. It’s a daily workout for your intestines.

Sunfiber dissolves crystal clear in water. This odorless, tasteless fiber supplement can also be added to most foods and beverages. Look for Sunfiber’s clinically studied guar fiber in quality digestive supplements at Tomorrow’s Nutrition, Whole Foods and GNC.