World Toilet Day

November 3, 2014

The United Nations has declared November 19 to be World Toilet Day. We thought we’d share some fun facts, to help you commemorate this day, which is set aside to draw attention to the world’s need for clean water and better sanitation.

● As the water turns. Contrary to popular belief, toilet bowl water can flow either counterclockwise and clockwise in both the southern and northern hemispheres. It depends on the drain’s structure and how the water is introduced into the toilet bowl.

● The accepted way to hang toilet paper. While there’s no definitive guidebook, ABC News Chicago reports that 72 percent of people hang the roll with sheets going over not under.

● Are you in there again? According to the World Toilet Organization (WTO), most of us use a toilet 2,500 times year. That’s equates to six to eight times each day.

● And a related fact: During our lifetime, we’ll spend an average of three years on the toilet. Bring your e-tablet, so that you can read more of our blogs.

● The medical term for excessive intestinal gas is ‘flatulence’. Many fiber supplements cause excess flatulence. Sales of Sunfiber are increasing because it doesn’t cause this embarrassing effect. It also doesn’t cause “abdominal distension” (or what the rest of us call bloating).

● Poop shapes matter. “The Bristol Stool Form Scale illustrates how your poop can be classified into one of seven shapes, which might be helpful to you especially if you ever need to describe your bowel irregularity to your doctor,” says dietitian and author Felicia Stoler, DCM. “Understanding these various classifications will also enable you to verify when Sunfiber is normalizing your stool.”

● 20,805. That’s the number of toilet paper sheets most of us will use this year. Experts at the Toilet Paper Encyclopedia say we use 8.6 sheets per trip. (Okay, but how do you tear off 0.6 sheets?)

● Most toilets flush in the key of E flat. Famous composers who wrote songs in E flat include Jimi Hendrix and Elton John.

If you sometimes spend an above-average amount of time in the bathroom, or you’re using more than a typical amount of toilet paper, Sunfiber – with its unique benefits – may help. It alleviates occasional constipation without overly degrading stool firmness, and unlike other fiber supplements, it also helps to safely normalize occasional diarrhea.

Felicia Stoler is a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist and expert consultant in nutrition and healthful living, compensated to provide her professional opinions.

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