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Sunfiber for heart health

Viewers learn to spot fake and real heart-health products in under 5 minutes

What’s better for your heart: A can of beans or soup labeled “heart healthy”? In less than five minutes, board certified nutritionist Jonny Bowden, PhD gave San Diego TV KUSI News viewers easy tips for distinguishing misleading and real heart-health products. In this interview, he told co-anchor Allen Denton why Sunfiber deserves a place in […]

King 5

Seattle’s King 5 TV viewers learn why Sunfiber may be a better fiber source than bread

In a recent New Day show interview focusing on separating fiber facts from fiction, Dr. Jonny Bowden stated that nuts, fruits and vegetables are his favorite natural dietary fiber sources. Bowden explained that bread contains little fiber and raises our blood sugar as it digests. Because most people only consume a fraction of the fiber […]