Still hungry? Studies find that PHGG soluble fiber may help you eat less at mealtimes.

May 7,2015

still hungry

You may also feel less tempted to snack throughout the day.

Weight loss isn’t always about willpower. Face it: It’s hard to cut back on portion sizes, and to stop snacking between meals, when you are still hungry. Here’s something safe and simple that might help you control your appetite: guar fiber, also known as PHGG. According to results of series of studies just published in the British Journal of Nutrition, small doses of PHGG helped people feel fuller immediately after meals and reduced their urge to snack throughout the day.

Available over the counter as Sunfiber, PHGG is a gluten-free soluble dietary fiber. It is a tasteless, odorless, colorless powder that blends invisibly into most foods and beverages. It does not cause excess gas or bloating associated with other fiber supplements.

Previous studies have suggested that PHGG improves satiety, especially when it’s consumed with protein. Investigators wanted to know how quickly people felt this benefit, and if PHGG also kept people away from post-meal snacking.

They conducted a series of three studies using healthy people:

  • Study One: People consumed PHGG with their breakfast, lunch and evening snack.
  • Study Two: People consumed PHGG or dextrin (a carbohydrate) with yogurt as breakfast for two weeks.
  • Study Three: People consumed either PHGG, dextrin or inulin fiber with their lunch.

The researchers measured the study participants’ satiety using numerous parameters. The studies demonstrated that PHGG helped people feel fuller immediately after a meal. In addition, results from study two suggested that prolonged PHGG consumption may significantly reduce calorie intake from snacking throughout the day.

Sunfiber PHGG is also a prebiotic, which means it helps to nourish and stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics can benefit a number of gastrointestinal disorders such as occasional constipation or diarrhea.


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