Easy spring slim-down tip shared on Fox News: Consume more fiber.

Easy spring slim-down tip shared on Fox News: Consume more fiber.

April 7, 2016

If there’s some extra padding around your hips, you may be wishing to drop a few pounds this spring. While there are many weight-loss plans and gimmicks in magazines and on the Internet, registered dietitian nutritionist Felicia Stoler says you may want to simply consume more fiber. The best-selling author told Baltimore’s Fox News viewers that fiber helps you feel full, and therefore may keep your hands out of the cookie jar. We were elated that she called out gluten-free Sunfiber as a preferred fiber supplement. Thanks, Felicia!

Those rich holiday treats may be the reason you no longer fit into your summer dresses. “It’s really about energy balance,” explained Stoler. “Energy in – the food we put in – versus energy out.” You gain weight if you consume more calories than you expend in a day.

Stoler told viewers to think beyond simple calories, however, and also consider a food’s nutritional density. “We can have foods that have calories but no other value,” she said, “or we can put better ingredients in us.” Dietary fiber is a healthy nutrient that supports your cardiovascular system and helps maintain a healthy gut.

Consuming dietary fiber also helps you manage your weight. “It provides us with satiety, or a feeling of fullness,” explained Stoler who encouraged consumption of fiber-rich foods such as beans, seeds, nuts and whole grains. “Nobody wants to feel hungry.” She added that the 2015 Dietary Guidelines revealed that most Americans are still lacking in fiber. The recommended daily amount is 25 to 28 grams per day, but most of us consume just half of that amount.  

Meeting the daily fiber requirement may be a challenge, especially if you’re avoiding gluten. Many fiber-rich foods contain gluten. Stoler suggested using a soluble fiber supplement, such as Sunfiber. “It’s made from guar, so it’s gluten free,” she said. Sunfiber is easy to include in your diet, because it is colorless, tasteless and odorless when mixed with water. It can also be mixed with most other non-carbonated beverages and even food. One scoop of Sunfiber contains five grams of tummy-pleasing soluble fiber.



Felicia Stoler is a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist and expert consultant in nutrition and healthful living, compensated to provide her professional opinions.

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