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Americans are getting less happy: Here’s what to do about it.

The latest edition of the World Happiness Report has some troubling news: Stress is on the rise and mental health is on the decline worldwide. Research shows that American adults have been getting less happy since 2000 while adolescents have been suffering higher rates of sadness since 2010. Nutritional biochemist Shawn Talbott offers tips to […]

Sunfiber and Suntheanine

Pharmacist’s brainy advice includes Sunfiber and Suntheanine

If you want your children to do better in school this year, holistic pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos suggests that you evaluate their diet and lifestyle. Kids’ ability to remember and concentrate in the classroom, as well as their behavior, can be influenced by how they eat, what they eat, how well they sleep at […]


This ABC news segment describes fiber’s brain-health benefits

You’ve changed your diet to help manage your waistline, now how about eating to take better care of your brain? Appearing on Washington D.C,’s Let’s Talk Live, Dr. Jonny Bowden revealed why Sunfiber may play in an important role in a diet that helps to protect brain power. “The most important thing to know is […]


Nutritionist on Fox news explains why Sunfiber is good for the brain

How are you taking care of your gray matter? Giving your brain the proper nutrients, such as non-GMO, gluten-free Sunfiber, is an important step. Dr. Jonny Bowden visited Baltimore’s Fox 45 Morning News to share important advice with viewers on eating to keep their brains healthy. “Here’s one thing that a lot of people don’t […]


NBC news viewers learn that Sunfiber supports both brain and gut health

The foods we eat can have positive or negative effects on our bodies. Renowned nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden probably surprised some Washington D.C. TV viewers when he connected Sunfiber to better brain health. Bowden made these comments during a visit to the News 4 Midday studio to discuss how to avoid foods that zap brain […]


Sunfiber’s brain-health benefits explained during CBS TV news interview

Salt Lake City-based KUTV viewers learned that fiber may support the brain by regulating blood sugar levels. As Dr. Jonny Bowden explained, “When you have high blood sugar, you have high insulin and that causes all kinds of problems from dementia to Alzheimer’s.” Bowden steered Salt Lake City viewers away from breads, which he called […]


Sunfiber’s brain benefits explained during Salt Lake City TV interview

People may know that fiber aids digestion and weight loss, but ABC’s Good Things Utah viewers learned that it also may promote brain health. “When blood sugar goes up too quickly, it’s a really bad thing for the brain,” explained nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden. Fiber helps to regulate blood sugar levels, which helps the brain […]


Fox Morning News viewers learn how Sunfiber supports brain health

WFLX TV viewers in Palm Beach, Florida recently got some unexpected brain health news. An expert appearing on Fox Morning News reported that fiber is important for their brains. Most adults only consume about half of the fiber that their bodies need, prompting Rogue Nutritionist Johnny Bowden to explain that fiber helps to manage blood […]