Sunfiber: The journey from humble bean to superfiber

The journey from humble bean to superfiber

May 1, 2017

Good things happen when traditional farming and medicine blend with modern nutritional science.
A humble bean, grown for centuries in India, has evolved from a staple food to one of nutritional science’s most promising fibers.
Natural health expert Bryce Wylde travels to India to explore the guar plant’s simple beginnings and learn how modern science is transforming its fiber-packed bean into the acclaimed soluble fiber supplement, Sunfiber. This superfiber helps regulate digestion, balance appetite and calm nerve-wracked GI tracts. And it does it all without additional troublesome side effects.
Sunfiber is a soluble dietary fiber. Unlike insoluble fiber (roughage) which is found in fruits and vegetables such as apples, celery and lettuce, soluble fiber dissolves in water. It’s most prevalent in beans, seeds and lentils. Most people don’t consume enough of this nutrient. Soluble fiber keeps food moving through your body at healthy pace, and feeds the good bacteria in your gut.
In his clinic, Wylde sees many people who suffer from digestive issues, such as bloating, cramping and occasional constipation or diarrhea. He says a healthier diet, rich with soluble fiber, may reduce some of these uncomfortable conditions.
Wylde visits Aurangabad where Taiyo, an international producer of functional foods, and Lucid, a leading guar producer, have constructed a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to turn the humble guar bean into the revolutionary soluble fiber supplement, Sunfiber.
Sunfiber is clear-mixing in water, as well as tasteless and odorless, and doesn’t lead to the excess gas or bloating that so many other fibers are known for. It’s easy to take, and gentle on your body. It’s the invisible fiber with visible benefits.

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  • Sunfiber

    Sunfiber is a true regulating dietary fiber and prebiotic for maintaining digestive health and microflora balance. It is tasteless, colorless, odorless and 100% water-soluble. Sunfiber is well tolerated and does not lead to the typical bloating, cramping and gas production that other fibers are known for.

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  1. Jason Piken

    Can someone explain the difference between partially hydrolyzed guar gum vs guar gum?


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