Fiber is a brilliant potty training hack

potty training hack

July 6, 2022

Pediatricians and other parents tend to be great sources of potty training advice. Nutrition and diet aren’t always mentioned, but they should be. One of Sunfiber’s biggest fans, America’s pediatrician and father of eight Bill Sears, MD, always includes fiber in his best potty training secrets. 

Is your child avoiding the potty? 

Dr. Bill advises that children should preferably poo three times a day, and at least once a day. It should be easy to pass without straining. 

When bowel movements become hard and painful to pass, children may avoid or even become anxious about going potty. And if they continue to hold it in, the constipation may worsen. 

Fiber is wonderful for supporting potty training 

Fiber helps to keep things moving. Most children (and adults) don’t consume enough daily fiber, which is why so many of us have gut-related issues ranging from occasional constipation to bloating. 

There’s a simple way to figure out how much daily fiber a child needs. According to Dr. Bill, one way is to add 10 grams to their age. For example, a two-year-old should get 12 grams of fiber. Sunfiber is a gentle and effective way to add fiber to a kid-friendly diet. 

Sunfiber is appropriate for all ages. It can easily be added to juice, milk, smoothie, yogurt or any other non-carbonated food or beverage without altering the taste, aroma or consistency. The recommended dosage of one serving (3 – 7 grams) is the same for all ages above 9 months.

Remember, supplemental fiber for constipation is always used in addition to, not instead of, wholesome poo-friendly foods such as pears, peaches, plums and prunes. As Dr. Bill is fond of saying: “The food that goes in at the top end affects the ease of passage at the bottom end.”

Teach your kids about what a healthy poo looks like. Download our kid-friendly poo chart, or learn more about fiber for kids

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