NBC news viewers learn that Sunfiber supports both brain and gut health

August 12,2014


The foods we eat can have positive or negative effects on our bodies. Renowned nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden probably surprised some Washington D.C. TV viewers when he connected Sunfiber to better brain health. Bowden made these comments during a visit to the News 4 Midday studio to discuss how to avoid foods that zap brain energy, and choose ones that help support our brain’s function.

“People don’t think about fiber in terms of the brain, but they should and here’s why: First of all, everything that’s good for the digestive system is good for the brain. Most of our serotonin, which is that brain chemical that makes us feel good, is actually made in the gut. So we must have a healthy gut and we need fiber for that,” he explained.

People are often misled about which foods are the best fiber sources. “Most of us have been told to get fiber from things like breads and cereals, but there’s a ton of wheat in there. There’s gluten in there.” Bowden added that some cereals may contain as much as five grams of sugar in one serving.

Any of us who have tried a fiber supplement, only to have it turn goopy, congealed to the bottom of the glass, may be hesitant to try again. However, Bowden reassured viewers that not all fiber supplements are the same. “I like Sunfiber because it has no taste. You can mix it with everything,” he stated. “And one of the main things that women don’t like about fiber supplements is eliminated with Sunfiber: no bloating, no gas.” He added that you can have it at any time of day, commenting that he blends it in shakes that even his teenagers enjoy. “Nobody tastes it.”

There’s a simple reason that Bowden wants us to increase our fiber intake. “All of the organizations that monitor our health say we need between 25 and 35 grams of fiber a day. We get between four and 10,” he said. “We need to supplement with fiber.”

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