Radio listeners learn that Sunfiber provides unexpected benefits

January 22,2014


In an interview with WMGG News Talk Florida on 1470 AM, Rogue Nutritionist Jonny Bowden explained the importance of consuming the daily recommended intake (25 – 35 g) of fiber. Because most diets consist of highly processed, low-fiber foods, most Americans only eat about half this amount. Bowden strongly recommended using a supplement in addition to eating more fruits and vegetables. Sunfiber, which is taste- and odor-free, and completely dissolves in water, is his favorite. It not only helps with constipation, it also uniquely helps reduce diarrhea. Sunfiber also has strong prebiotic characteristics that stimulate health-promoting indigenous bacteria. Bowden added that 5 – 6 g daily of Sunfiber helps the body absorb nutrients and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

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