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food labels

Food labels simplified as Fox news viewers learn about high-fiber food

Food labels can be complicated! Instead of trying to interpret a complicated list of scientific words, it might seem easier to grab something that blasts out claims of being “high fiber” or “fiber-enriched”. But as Rogue Nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden explained to Fox 40 Morning News viewers, labels are often misleading. He gave the Californian […]

optimal health

Sunfiber recommended in ABC TV segment about optimal health

Which superfoods will benefit your body the most, and provide you with optimal health? Board certified nutritionist and best-selling author Dr. Jonny Bowden taught California’s Sac & Co audience about the four Fs: Fight inflammation, Fat, Fiber and Flavor. Consuming the recommended daily amount of fiber is easier when supplementing with Sunfiber. “Fiber is so […]

Bristol Stool Shape, Sunfiber

From occasional diarrhea to constipation, your poop’s shape matters.

Here’s why you might want to start looking before you flush: Your stool can be classified into one of seven shapes, which might be helpful to you especially if you ever need to describe your bowel irregularity to your doctor. Understanding these various classifications will also help you to verify when Sunfiber helps to normalize […]

Sunfiber, weight loss

This NBC TV interview links Sunfiber to healthy weight loss

If you’ve decided to lose weight by making healthy choices, supplementing with Sunfiber may give you the boost you need. Orlando TV viewers learned the connection between this regulating fiber and weight loss when registered dietitian Dr. Felicia Stoler stopped by the WESH 2 News Sunrise studio. “[Fiber] helps you to feel fuller longer,” Stoler […]


Occasional constipation making you push too hard to poop?

Here’s great news for those who sometimes have to push too hard to poop. Clinical research may have found a way to solve the problem. An Italian study published in Digestive Diseases and Sciences found that PHGG (Sunfiber) makes it easier to go. Researchers followed the bowel movement habits of 39 constipated patients. For the […]

staying regular

Staying regular while traveling tips are given to San Diego TV audience

Why is Sunfiber on holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos’ list of travel musts? Because no one wants constipation, diarrhea or tummy troubles, especially while they are away from home. During her interview on San Diego Living, Sherry Torkos explained that Sunfiber regulates both occasional diarrhea and constipation, helping you with staying regular, something you won’t find […]

digestive issues

Does traveling give you digestive issues? Pharmacist reveals why Sunfiber is an easy solution during Fox TV news interview.

If traveling takes you away from your routine diet, it may lead to constipation and diarrhea. There’s no need for digestive issues to ruin your vacation! Holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos told San Diego Fox 5 Morning News viewers to eat probiotic yogurt, high-fiber snacks, stay hydrated and supplement with Sunfiber to stay regular. “You want […]


Tampa radio listeners learn why pharmacist prefers Sunfiber to over-the-counter laxatives

Why rely on over-the-counter medications with potentially dangerous side effects when you can promote healing naturally? During an interview on Senior Voice America’s Health, Wealth & Wisdom Radio, award-winning holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos explained that laxatives may cause a condition called “lazy colon”, which occurs when your body “becomes dependent on the laxative in order […]


Detox made easy with five natural alternatives with Fox 25 News

 The perfect detox breakfast contains a Sunfiber-fortified protein shake topped with bright raspberries, stated weight-loss specialist Lisa Lynn. “One of the most toxic things we can do is to be constipated,” Lynn told Boston Living Well viewers. Her reasons for preferring Sunfiber are simple: “It’s invisible, doesn’t have any grit, and will not impede protein and […]


Chicago TV news viewers learn which snacks have the most fiber

Chicagoans looking for fiber-rich counterparts to unhealthy snack foods learned why they should also be supplementing with Sunfiber. During WGN 9 News’ recent interview with holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos, she recommended fiber-rich cereal bars over yogurt bars, and tortilla chips instead of potato chips. Why is dietary fiber so essential? In addition to promoting weight […]

personal trainer

Certified personal trainer encourages balancing your body with Sunfiber

Certified personal trainer Johnny Gillespie’s newest blog focuses on the concept of being a balanced athlete. The idea is to move ergonomically so that you maximize the benefits of each workout. He also mentions the importance of a balanced diet and digestive system. “There are times, especially when I’m traveling, and I’m not giving my […]

gut health

Canadian TV features a story on Sunfiber’s gut health benefits

Seasonal dietary changes make digestive issues common this time of year, according to holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos. During an interview on CTV, she explained to Toronto viewers how Sunfiber gives your diet a much-needed fiber boost and regulates both constipation and diarrhea. Considered an invisible fiber, Sunfiber dissolves completely in water, without a gritty texture […]


Canadian media reports on Sunfiber’s benefits for the entire family

The salty and sweet foods that kids love rarely provide them with enough fiber, leading to tummy troubles that can make getting to school challenging. During an interview with CHCH, holistic pharmacist and best-selling author Sherry Torkos shared her secret weapon with Ontario viewers: an invisible fiber called Sunfiber. It dissolves completely, without a gritty […]


Fox Morning News viewers learn how Sunfiber supports brain health

WFLX TV viewers in Palm Beach, Florida recently got some unexpected brain health news. An expert appearing on Fox Morning News reported that fiber is important for their brains. Most adults only consume about half of the fiber that their bodies need, prompting Rogue Nutritionist Johnny Bowden to explain that fiber helps to manage blood […]

One Life Radio

One Life Radio audience introduced to invisible fiber

The hosts of One Life Radio on 1190AM love to introduce their listeners to natural remedies to life’s roadblocks. In this case, “blockages” can be overcome by increasing fiber intake with Sunfiber  As holistic pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos explained during the show, Sunfiber dissolves easily in fluids and can even be taken with water […]